Monday, August 21, 2017

Sonder Wonder Style 'Zine ~ Seattle // Summer 2017

#ExploreSeattle in Sonder Wonder Style 

So, you know how in my previous posts, I said I was working on making a mini self-published magazine? I finally finished. It took a bit of time, but I'm happy with how it turned out!  I'm excited to share this personal project with you!! (Yes, I'm hoping the double exclamation points will really emphasize or convey my enthusiasm to you all, digitally). 

I believe there is more substantial content in this 'Zine than my photography book, and there are actually words, or text, included. I have collaborated with fellow artists, who are close friends of mine, and, also, who I admire and respect tremendously, on special features of the 'Zine. I teamed up with my local blogger friend on a "Seattle Street Style" photo shoot, and I asked my artist best-friend to draw iconic illustrations, exclusive to the 'Zine. I'm really honored and grateful to have them in my mini, self-published magazine. 

Additionally, I have to give thanks to all the cool boutiques that allowed me to photograph their shop, without thinking I was weird or crazy for wanting to take pictures of the store. Thank you guys for being so nice and open to letting me take pictures of your guys' lovely businesses. Their willingness makes it feel more rewarding to have completed this 'Zine and to have chosen to promote them in my book. 

Aside from a few of the city's "typical" tourist hubs, there are other exploration suggestions of parks, viewpoints, and nature spots located through out Washington showcased in the book. 

If you are curious enough, bored, or would like to check out my 'Zine, you can preview the digital format of the 'Zine in the link below:

To view the book, click on the "Preview" feature in the bottom right corner, under the thumbnail image of the 'Zine's front cover. 

I hope you guys' enjoy it and, maybe, even give some of the shops or places listed in the 'Zine, a try! :) I'll catch up with you guys again, soon. As always, you can stay updated with what I'm doing through my Instagram or my Facebook page. In the meantime, happy exploring and adventuring in Seattle, beautifuls! <3

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Featured: Off to Join the Gypsies

I'm Off to Join the Gypsies!

Having a nomadic and free spirit, I'm always filled with wanderlust and a desire to adventure. My curiosity to explore new places, try new food, visit different cafes, and to experiment with different fashion styles or looks, ignites a fire within. Living in this time of millennials, there is a craft in sharing and documenting memories, moments, outfit looks, art, and other creative things. It has become so easy to find a sense of community online and to connect with others over the web or social media on the things you're passionate about.

I am so happy and grateful to have met a fellow blogger who shares the same passions, interests, dreams, aspirations, and goals. Not only has she become one of my closest friends, she is a kindred spirit who is also sparked by fashion and blogging. It was such a pleasure meeting and getting to know this rock star. I knew I wanted to do a Q&A interview with her about her life story and share all the lovely qualities I discovered about her, with all of you! Demi's Q&A interview and more pictures of her from the photo shoot, can be found in the 'zine. At our hang out, we took turns photographing each other. I had so much fun walking around Pioneer with her and taking in Seattle's historic architecture. The other photos she took of me will also be included in the 'zine. Look for the release of the 'zine around the beginning of August!

Love you all, and I'll keep you guys posted!

~ Tiff 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sonder Wonder x Off to Join the Gypsies: Sonder Wonder Style Seattle Sneak Peek

"Prepare for trouble..."

"And make it double." I'm so happy to share some photos from my photo shoot collaboration with fellow blogger and beloved friend, Demi Olson, from Off to Join the Gypsies. Here is a quick sneak peek of what will be included in my next project. I am making a 'zine inspired by adventuring around the Greater Seattle area and, just, being in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The 'zine will feature a Q&A interview with Demi and her blog brand, our Sonder Wonder x Off to Join the Gypsies collab photo shoot, suggestions of coffee and food spots to check out from a local's point of view, nature photos, current songs I've been listening to repeatedly, illustrations from a local artist, and more! 

Please stay tuned for more sneak peek, blog posts of what will be featured in the Sonder Wonder Style Seattle 'Zine. Love you all and will keep you guys posted!

~ Tiff 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sonder Wonder Adventures Book

A Mobile Photo Journey

So, I've been wanting to do this and make this happen for awhile now. I know it's cliche, but I truly mean it when I say that I really did enjoy the process of making the book. It made me further realize how much I would like to pursue this dream and continue to work on more editorial or visual design projects related to art, travel, photography, and fashion. I have another project under wraps. I am even more excited for this upcoming project and I can't wait to finish it and share it with you guys! 

This book is an extensive look book, compiling a bunch of photos I've taken and some photo shoot pictures that were taken of me. The pictures are from my travels and adventures, varying from Seattle, LA, Hong Kong, and more. This visual diary is also a way for me to convey and showcase what my blog is about and my goal or mission for having this personal lifestyle blog. Many of the photos have been posted on my Instagram, but some are exclusive to the book or haven't been posted anywhere online. I hope that the reader will be able to get to know me more and who I am as a person through this book. Thank you for all your support and for even taking the time to read this post and my blog. Much love to you all. <3 

I'll keep you guys posted on the next project! :)

~ Tiff 

Monday, April 3, 2017

LA la Land 2017


Somi Somi Ice Cream 

Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art

Street Sidewalk Art 

Google LA

Brunch at The Anchor: French toast and lobster eggs benedict

LA Vibes: hipster street style mixed with street art 

Rooftop Views from the Google LA office

Coffee, tea, and dessert at a cafe popular to the locals in Venice Beach. Saw Jonah Hill here.

LA's old Chinatown, vintage feels 

City of Stars

Panoramic view from the Getty

Beautiful architecture of the Getty Museum

Getting baked with yummy baked goods from Mr. Holmes Bakeshop in LA. Try the churro croissant and their cashew milk. 

Huntington Library: Art Collections & Botanical Gardens

La La Land

I have long been done with school and graduated. But I still had my own spring break, because I needed some sort of vacation. I needed a break. A breathe of fresh air. A breather. It was like spring cleaning for my mind. I just needed to get away from everything for awhile. I decided to revisit the city of stars after being inspired by La La Land. The mini vacation was just more time for me to self reflect and dig deeper; more soul searching. Sunshine, beaches, palm trees, new art, and endless diverse food options definitely made me feel some type of way; a good way. The trip was full of good vibes all around. I was able to tour the Google offices in Venice beach, the YouTube space, and made a trek out to the desert, past Coachella, and to Salvation Mountain. The highlights of my trip are shown above.

One night, my cousin and I went to a viewpoint up in the hills where you can gaze at the entire LA skyline. The lights from the city looked like stars, living up to the La La Land theme song. Do they shine bright for me? Even if they didn't, just standing there and looking at the city's bright lights and skyline gave me calm relief. My future was starting to look brighter and less bleak. The trip had shed some new light for me. I'm not only going to keep on dreaming, I'm going to keep on chasing. I'm going to put myself out there, take more risks and chances, and sometimes just fully dive right in. I'll strive to keep on growing and to keep on making myself better. Like the flowers, I want to bloom and continue to blossom. That would be groundbreaking. 

Miss you guys. I hope you've been doing well. If you see this post, thank you for sticking around or for giving me a chance. :) 

More pictures, photo shoots, adventures, projects, events, and updates coming soon. Keep in touch!

~ Tiff 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Still Going

It's been a little more than a year since I have decided to be a blogger. At first, it was just a personal Tumblr blog that I had created at the age of 17 for the rantings of a teen going through teenager stuff and needing a safe place to vent. Later on at 19, I decided to create a more appealing personal diary in the form of a personal blog. I had changed my Instagram username from my more private and personal Tumblr username handle to a more catchier and marketable name that still represented who I was/am as a person. I had chose to use my original "Sonder Wonder" name from the actual name of my personal Tumblr blog page, (not the username handle which is different from the blog page title) and use it for my Instagram to go hand in hand with this blog. 

Fast forward another two years, and I had never thought that I would continue this route and officially be called a "blogger," where people knew me by my blog and Instagram name and not by my actual name. I was lucky to have won a couple of contests over the course of two years, including the major Sorel Style contest, where I had the amazing opportunity of being flown out to New York with my best friend for a complimentary shopping spree in Soho and got to meet the talented costume designer and HBO Girl's show stylist, Jenn Rogien. I also had one of my pictures on a print ad in the Seattle Magazine for The Bellevue Collection and for a certain period of time, had the same picture shown and advertised on a TV slideshow inside Bellevue Square mall as a city influencer. Even now, everything seems a bit surreal. Some have heard of me, but I'm still a nobody. People might have come across my profile, blog, Facebook page, and account at a glance or have seen me randomly at a Seattle bloggers' event, not knowing why or what I was doing there. 

Yet, I'm still going. Who knows where? I don't even know. But I'm still moving forwards, trying harder and harder, to reach those new heights and to chase what I want. I've gone to some recent fashion and blogger events, which I've created posts for via my Facebook page or Instagram. I'm still working on my major personal project, which I hope to release in early 2018. Other than that, I've been going to multiple music concerts but will keep creating content and shooting outfit pictures for my social media platforms. 

Although these setbacks could discourage me from trying to continue in the blogging world, at least the blog is true to its name. Some might have heard of me, but I'm still unknown. I "might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk." Regardless, I'm going to live out my complex life as vividly as I can. My personal journey is full of my ambitions, my friends, my habits, my struggles, and my adventures as some sort of crazy, epic story that I'm willing and wanting to share with those who are curious and wonder. 

I'll see you guys again before the new year! Keep in touch. <3

~ Tiff 

IG: sonder_wonder